Get CMA Certified And Boost Your Career !!!
Get CMA Certified And Boost Your Career !!!

Want to Master CMA Course In 2024 ??

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What you will master
CMA Course Outline - 2024
  • CMA 1A: External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%)
    • Financial statements; Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure.
  • CMA 1D: Cost Management (20%)
    • Measurement concepts; Costing systems; Overhead costs; Supply Chain Management; Business process improvement.
  • CMA 1B: Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (20%)
    • Strategic planning; Budgeting concepts; Forecasting techniques; Budget methodologies; Annual profit plan and supporting schedules; Top-level planning and analysis.
  • CMA 1E: Internal Controls (15%)
    • Governance, risk, and compliance; Internal auditing; Systems controls and security measures.

  • CMA 1C: Performance Management (15%)
    • Cost and variance measures; Responsibility centers and reporting segments; Performance measures.
  • Technology and Analytics (15%)
    Information systems, Data governance, Technology-enabled finance transformation, Data analytics
  • CMA 2A: Financial Statement Analysis (25%)
    • Basic Financial Statement Analysis; Financial Ratios; Profitability Analysis; Special Issues.
  • CMA 2D: Risk Management (10%)
    • Enterprise risk
  • CMA 2B: Corporate Finance (20%)
    • Risk and Return; Long-term financial management; Raising Capital; Working capital management; Corporate restructuring; International finance.
  • CMA 2E: Investment Decisions (15%)
    • Capital budgeting process; Discounted cash flow analysis; Payback and discounted payback; Risk analysis in capital investment.

  • CMA 2C: Decision Analysis (20%)
    • Cost/Volume/Profit Analysis; Marginal Analysis; Pricing.
  • CMA 2F: Professional Ethics (10%)
    • Ethical considerations for management accounting and financial management professionals; Ethical considerations for the organization.
Certifications you will achieve
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Steps To Get CMA Certified
It's easy to enroll with LIFSRC CMA program. We have flexible learning experiences and comprehensive resources made for you.
Find out where, when and how to apply to sit for your CMA exam and activate your IMA membership.
Review & Exam

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Get Certified
To be fully certified, you must have 2 continuous years of professional experience.
And as a CMA you need to maintain your license with active IMA membership and 30 hours (including two in ethics training) of CPE credits annually.
CMA Exam Facts !!!
  • You will have 3 hours to complete the multiple choice section and one hour to complete the essays. The essays will be presented after you have completed the multiple choice section of the exam or after 3 hours, whichever comes first.
Format & Tips
  • Each exam will consist of 100 multiple choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions.
  • Once you complete the MCQ section of the exam, you can't go back. You must remain in the essay section to complete the exam. You must answer at least 50% of the MCQs correctly in order to move on to the essay section
Exam Passing Score
The raw score is converted to a uniform scoring system of 0 – 500, and 360 being the passing mark.
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